Herbal Medicine

It is widely recognized that many native cultures the world over have used herbal remedies to both promote wellness and to treat disease since the beginning of written history. Dating back almost four millennia, the use of herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine has been well documented and the traditions involved have been passed for generations. In Chinese herbal medicine, medicinal herbs and minerals are understood to have energetic properties. Some of them are “warming” while other are “cooling”. Some are “activating” while others are “sedating”. When incorporated into traditional Chinese medicinal teas, tinctures and pill, these herbs are mixed in a customized manner for each patient, addressing his or her unique energetic imbalance and thus addressing the root cause(s) or their condition(s). Because all herbs used are derived from nature, the correctly combined medicines, while effective and also gentle on the patient’s system.

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What is Herbal Medicine?

Traditionally, herbal medicine works to aid, restore + harmonize opposing forces of energy known as yin and yang. This is usually accomplished through a combination of plant elements, but throughout herbal medical history animal by-products and minerals have also been thrown into the mix.

So herbal remedies come in many forms, can be prescribed in any of these different forms and can be used both internally and externally.

What can Herbal Medicine treat?

In any form, herbs are used to treat a wide range of conditions. They are prescribed during a consultation, and are used in compliment to other treatments. Herbal remedies work best when combined, so your healing journey will often be enhanced by taking herbal supplements while receiving regular treatments.

In Chinese Medicine, practitioners diagnose your ailment and design your treatment plan based on complex diagnostic patterns, theories and systems. Herbal formulas are selected to match your specific, individual presentation of the ailment.

How often should herbs be taken?

Like any prescription, it’s important to follow daily dosage and frequency recommendations from your practitioner – especially because you may be used to western medicinal remedies, the effects of which tend to be felt immediately. It can take a few days to start feeling the effects of herbal medicine.