The formal definition of Gynecology is “the branch of medicine that deals with diseases of, and that provides the routine physical care for, the reproductive systems of women.” However, at Women’s Healthcare Group of Illinois and the Women’s Wellness Group, gynecology is so much more.

Here, we don’t just provide routine physical care of the female reproductive system. And we don’t just use medicine and surgery to treat diseases of the female reproductive system. We also use an integrative medical approach aimed at preventing diseases and promoting overall emotional and physical wellness.

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Gynecology Services We Offer

  • Breast, Cervical and Ovarian Cancer Screening
  • Colposcopy
  • Contraceptive Care
  • Da Vinci Robotic Surgery
  • Diagnosis and Management of HPV
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms
  • Endometrial Ablation
  • Family Planning
  • LEEP Procedures
  • Management of Irregular Periods
  • Management of Painful and/or Heavy Periods
  • Management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Same Day STD Testing and Treatment
  • Treatment of Endometriosis
  • Treatment of Pelvic Pain
  • Treatment of Uterine Fibroids
  • Well Woman Care (i.e. Annual Exams)

Same Day STD Testing & Treatment

Our Same day STD Testing and Treatment service is not for everyone. Routine STD screening can be done at your routine Annual Well Women Exam. Our Same Day Testing and Treatment service is intended for:

  • Patients who either know or who strongly suspect that they have been exposed to an STD.
  • Patients who desire immediate treatment for an STD’s, even before final test results have come back
  • Patients who wish to be discrete. Our Same Day STD Testing and Treatment visits do not have to be reported to your insurer. Additionally, because medications are dispensed on site, no diagnosis information or medication information will be reported to either your insurer or your pharmacy if you elect to pay for the services independently.
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Preventative Health

Living a long and healthy life starts with preventive healthcare. As its name implies, preventative healthcare is all about taking steps to prevent illness. But preventative healthcare doesn’t stop there. When illness is present, preventative healthcare is also all about detecting those illnesses early, oftentimes before any symptoms are even present. And once detected early, preventative healthcare involves treating those illnesses in an effective and timely manner. All helping you to both stay healthier and to live longer in the process.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

All OB/Gyn’s at Women’s Healthcare Group of Illinois and the Women’s Wellness Group are certified Da Vinci trained Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgeons. But what exactly is the Da Vinci Surgical Robot that they use to perform robotic surgery? Well, the term “robotic surgery” often misleads people, as they think that a “surgical robot” and not a human surgeon is doing the surgery. In reality though, the Da Vinci Surgical System just givens your very human surgeon an advanced set of instruments to use while performing robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. Robots don’t perform the surgery though. Instead, your surgeon performs surgery with Da Vinci by using instruments that he or she guides via a console.

The Da Vinci system translates your surgeon’s hand movements at the console in real time, bending and rotating the instruments at the surgeon’s command as he or she performs the procedure. While the Da Vinci’s tiny wristed instruments move like a human hand at the command of your surgeon, they do so with a greater range of motion all while allowing the surgery to be done through one or just a few very small incisions. Additionally, the Da Vinci vision system being used by the surgeon delivers highly magnified, 3D high-definition views of the surgical field, allowing for better tissue plane differentiation.

Our Da Vinci Surgeons perform:

  • Robotic Uterine Surgery including Hysterectomy and Myomectomy
  • Robotic Ovarian Surgery including removal of masses and cysts
  • Robotic Treatment of Pelvic Pain including the Removal of Endometriosis


Are you taking new patients?

Yes, our practice is accepting new patients.

Do you offer same-day appointments?

Yes, same-day appointments are available in case of urgent or emergent issues. We also try our best to accommodate routine issues on the same day if a provider is available.

When should I see a gynecologist?

We recommend that women have their first appointment with the Gynecologist either at 21 years of age or whenever they are planning to become sexually active, whichever comes first.

What should I expect at a first gynecologist appointment?

Your first Gynecologist appointment will begin with a complete medical history including a family medical history. The examination will be focused on your particular history and concerns but will more than likely include a breast exam, a speculum exam with a PAP smear, as well as a pelvic exam (internal exam with the fingers)  to evaluate the uterus and ovaries. Your doctor will also discuss your contraceptive options and will offer testing for sexually transmitted infections.

What happens during a physical exam?

The physical exam usually includes a breast exam, listening to the heart and lungs, an internal exam with a speculum as well as an infernal exam with the fingers.

What do I do if I miss a birth control pill?

If you miss your birth control bill, you should reach out to your medical provider for instructions. Generally, if you miss one pill, you should take two pills on the following day at your normal time. If you miss more than two pills consecutively, you should resume your pills per the normal schedule but you should use backup contraception (like condoms) until your period begins and you start your new pack of birth control pills.

What is a PAP test?

A PAP Smear (Papanicolaou) is a test that scrapes a sample of cells from the cervix to evaluate for cervical dysplasia (abnormal, potentially pre-cancerous cells on the cervix) or cervical cancer. A PAP Smear takes 30-seconds or less and it should be performed every 1-5 years depending upon your particular history.

What is a pelvic exam?

A pelvic exam is an exam that allows your medical provider to feel the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries to evaluate for abnormalities like ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors. Your doctor will insert one or two well-lubricated fingers into the vagina will simultaneously pressing on the abdominal wall to feel the pelvic organs.

What is preventative health?

Preventative health is healthcare designed to prevent illness instead of treating illness once it occurs. Preventative health is the cornerstone of wellbeing and it involves lifestyle changes, vitamins and supplements, proactive healthcare (seeing a doctor before you feel ill), and medical testing to detect disease early.