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Morning Sickness Tips

Being pregnant is a very special moment of a woman’s life, but it can also bring with it some pretty unpleasant downsides. One of the most common, yet definitely most annoying (when not utterly debilitating)? Morning sickness.

Unlike what the name suggests, nausea and vomiting that a whopping 7 in 10 expectant moms experience don’t necessarily occur when you first wake up in the morning. Pregnancy sickness can happen at any time of the day – and night! – as well as last for many hours at a time. 

And even though it definitely isn’t a pleasant side effect of being pregnant, you can rest assured that, for the vast majority of women, the ordeal is over by the end of the first trimester. If your morning sickness is so severe that it is preventing you from going about your daily activities, or if it lasts well into the second or third trimesters, you may have hyperemesis gravidarum.

HG is, thankfully, a rare occurrence among pregnant women. Most expectant moms will have some minor sickness, and in this article, we are going to tell you how you can keep feelings of nausea at bay.

Feeling a Bit Sick? Eat

It may sound a bit counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to help fight morning sickness is by eating. Or, better, by snacking on foods that are proven to provide some level of respite from that frustrating queasiness.

Your best allies are carbs: stock up on white grains, plain cookies, and salted crackers. Try to eat little and often, as opposed to having two or three big meals during the day and no snacks in between. 

Do you like ginger? Many women swear by it to help fight pregnancy-related sickness. You can enjoy ginger in many forms, including biscuits, candies, and herbal teas.

Try Alternative Remedies

Acupuncture, pregnancy massage, and mindfulness can also help you to reduce your morning sickness. While they aren’t actual medicines or have a direct physical impact, they help provide distractions for your busy, hormonal brain.

And, even though it might seem impossible if you are reading this while in the throes of first-trimester sickness, being able to think about something else and take a moment to relax can do wonders to help you feel better.

It might also be a good idea to try an anti-sickness wristband. By following similar principles to those used by acupuncture, these little gadgets can alleviate nausea in some pregnant women.

Consider Medication

Is your morning sickness constant and preventing you from enjoying your pregnancy? In some more severe cases, you might want to consult with your OB- GYN and discuss whether it’s worth taking a safe prescription drug.

Take a Walk or Do Some Light Exercise

Rest is crucial in pregnancy, but being active is just as important. So, remember to alternate moments of rest to moments of light exercise throughout your day, particularly if you suffer from morning sickness.

The simple act of going out for some fresh air, or taking part in a relaxing pregnancy yoga session can be amazing in reducing your nausea.

Keep Morning Sickness at Bay

Pregnancy-induced nausea and vomiting are very common “side effects” for the vast majority of expectant moms.

To keep those nasty feelings at bay, try the tips in our article. And if you need more advice or information on pregnancy-related symptoms, be sure to contact our team today.